Cell Phones, Shakespeare & Portage

Ingram Micro

– This was a pretty cool assignment.  We created images for Ingram Micro to communicate their complex business ecosystem.    It’s way more than cell phones…






Shakespeare In The Park

Something really magical happened when the sun set and the lights came up.

Shakespeare in the Park happens every summer.  This performance,

 As You Like It,  is a story about circus performers forced to flee to the forest by the evil Duke.

Check your local listings for live theater !




Portage Park

Breathtaking .

This beautiful location is in northern Indiana along the southern end of Lake Michigan.

These images were captured for Skillman, a building contractor in Indianapolis.

Portage Parks & Recreation Department – Facility Rentals




New Work: Indiana Pacers, CICF, Trusted Mentors, Pacific Press & Indiana State

Indiana Pacers

Last fall I worked with the Indiana Pacers to create a GQ meets Sports Illustrated look. Normally photographed in their uniforms, this was fun to see another side of them.

Boom Baby ! Hebert&George


Pacers on white

Central Indiana Community Foundation

I am now in my third year working with CICF.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help highlight the many ways that lives are being changed because of the generosity of others.

We have created photographs and videos of some amazing people who are making a difference in our community.


Trusted Mentors

This was Pro-Bono work for a great cause. This is one of those projects that grounds you and makes you feel really good for doing it.

Pacific Press

My assignment was to capture their new  Press Brake at their plant in Mount Carmel, IL . Their facility, which is visually captivating, was built in 1890 and owned by the Big Four railroad system. New York Central Railroad used the building as a repair facility primarily for steam locomotives and ceased operations there in the early 50’s. Pacific Industrial Machines purchased the building in 1954 and has been operational ever since.  I don’t know about you.., but I love places like this.  Made in the USA ! http://www.pacific-press.com Pacific Press.1

Pacific Press.2

Pacific Press.3

Pacific Press.4

Indiana State University

This video was created for Indiana State University Foundation. The pupose:  To celebrate ISU’s alumni giving.

Delta’s Jackson Plant

3V1B9158-225tC_011658tC_013802tC_013222tDidn’t know a factory could look so dynamic did you?  This is Delta Faucet’s  Jackson Tennessee Plant.  We were honored to be selected to create image assets for Delta and Brizo Corporate as well as select images for their blogosphere.  This two day shoot was full of the high tech processes, streamline workflows and clean environments that I can’t talk about. The best part for me…?  The people.

Just another thing that makes  Delta unique.

A Friday Treat!

Hello everyone! Sarah here, the digital guru at Larry Ladig Photography+Film. Today we created some cool compilations from Larry. Originally the idea was shoot stills to use for a video…but today they were re-tooled as stand alone stills. It’s art meeting sport, and perfect for a Friday. 🙂